Message From Sir Zachary “B.S.O.D.” Wyatt II

Congratulations! My name is Founder Sir Zachary Wyatt, and the Wisdom Scholarship is awarded on my behalf. As a Wisdom Scholarship winner, you possess the ability to understand when is the best time to use the knowledge you have gained. Each situation you encounter will require a different response and being able to diagnose the best response will separate you from just being smart but being wise. While it is true that wisdom comes with age and exercising the practice of executing wise choices originates now. Use this to further your understanding of sage “being wise”. I truly believe that in order to attain the Wisdom Scholarship you must possess the qualities of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment all the qualities of being wise. These traits I deem necessary in order to win the coveted Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. Wisdom Scholarship. So congratulations to the winners!

Scholarship Essay Announcement

Lambda D-R-E-A-M Academy

Announcement of our Annual


Annual High School Essay Contest

Awards: One $500 Scholarships for Future Accepted and Enrolled College Contestant

Eligibility: The Contest is open to all college-bound, high school seniors who submit an essay application through a Chapter of the Fraternity Contest. NOW Closes: 01 December 2022

The essay must be entitled: WISDOM

2021 Winners:

Mr. Chandler Crayton attending Savannah State University

Mr. Ashton Bridges attending Troy University


The essay must be original, neither previously published nor secured by copyright. The essay must be between 700 and 750 words in length and configured in APA format, with at least one cited quote directly related to the title and topic. The typed, double-spaced essay may be submitted via postal service or email in two formats: Microsoft Word and PDF.

    • The student must write his own essay. He should research writing a persuasive essay prior to preparing the essay.

    • All essays should be typed in English, with no color or graphics, 700 to 750 words in length (essays under or over this length will be eliminated). The essay title (theme) or footnotes do not contribute to the word count. At any time during the contest, additional participant personal information can be requested by Lambda D-R-E-A-M Academy (i.e., SSN, photo, etc).

    • The student will sign his full legal name at the bottom of the application contestant entry form, indicating that the essay was not plagiarized. Plagiarizing of an essay, in any form, will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.

    • The entry form is the essay cover sheet. The Official Student Entry Form should be secured to the essay by staple or other fastener (if mailed via postal service). Contestants are allowed to enter only once (one Chapter competition). Contestants found in violation of this rule will face elimination from the competition and will be required to return any and all prize money.

    • The applicant’s teacher, counselor, or parent may check the essay for punctuation, grammar and/or spelling, but the content must remain that written by the applicant.

    • Applicants will be judged on the basis of the essay alone; they are not required to present the essay orally.

    • All essays become the property of the Lambda D-R-E-A-M Academy retains nonexclusive rights to use applicant essays and in the promotion and execution of the organization’s programs and activities.

    • All essays must be properly formatted and meet the guidelines of APA (American Psychological Association).

The manuscript must be postmarked or time stamped on the email no later than midnight 01 November 2022 and sent to the Chapter’s Point of Contact in Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. Each Chapter is considered a Chapter Essay Contest Sponsor approved by D-R-E-A-M program managing directors. However, each year the D-R-E-A-M Department will select ONE Chapter to host this recognition (scholarship). Do not send essays directly to the Fraternity’s Headquarters facility; all essays mailed must use the sponsoring Chapter’s mailing address. The sponsoring chapter will forward the contestant essay with their recommendation for approval to the appropriate D-R-E-A-M Department.

Persons submitting manuscripts thereby grant Lambda D-R-E-A-M Academy the right to keep the manuscripts and to exercise full publishing rights. Awards will be announced at the annual scholarship banquet about December 2022, and the decision of the judges will be final. The manuscripts must present an adequate treatment of the essay topic. Winners will be required to furnish written proof that they were enrolled in their respective high school at the time the essay was submitted. Awards will be submitted to each winner upon written verification from an institution of higher education that the individual has enrolled. Actual enrollment (not just acceptance) is required. Awards must be claimed within 18 months after the announcement date.

RUBRIC RATING CRITERIA FOR ESSAYS (Different from Chapter Essays)

The Applicant(s) will write or contribute to an essay consisting of six-criterion below valued at 6 points each. The applicant must achieve a score of at least 14 of 36 points on the essay to be competitive.

  1. Organization: Topic well developed (covers and develops major points, supplying enough information for understanding)

  2. Level of Content: Composition progresses from beginning to end in a logical flow of information.

  3. Development: Concise prose related to the point of the essay that holds the reader’s attention.

  4. Grammar, Mechanics: Agreement of subject and verb; proper tense; correct sentence construction; paragraphing, including transitional phrases; spelling and punctuation.

  5. Style: Consistent with essay theme and essay writing orientation.

  6. Format: Formatting according to American Psychological Association (APA). Review the scholarship section "Chapters" for correct format guidelines and procedures.

Application Essay Example

(Not in APA Format without Cover Page)

As a soon to be adult, the common cliché that I have heard in my community ever since I was in primary school is to make my parents proud. Abuse of office is so rampant in almost every ministry my mom and father argued one morning because he did not like how she was treated in the choir. I am therefore determined to bring the change in my society: I believe that because I am the one who bears the vision, then I should be in the front line for its implementation. The intention of this essay is to define the concept of fidelity and then discuss the reasons as to why I am determined to distinguish myself as a leader who will implement and promote integrity in my community.

Mihalic (2004) states that the concept of implementing fidelity and Wisdom can be used interchangeably with integrity or adherence. It is concerned with improvement in the implementation of a program. Wisdom ensures that a program is delivered in the exact same way that it was designed and in an efficient and effective manner. There are four main components that must be in place when considering the integrity of a program. The first component is adherence which implies delivery of the program as it was intended. As I view the website of the Lambda Net mentorship also the brotherhood, I was over taken. It took my mind to great detail. And as I want seriously to have a chance to write my essay and receive a scholarship. I am working towards getting assistance for college and I need a scholarship. The second is exposure which involves all the activities involved in the implementation of the program. The third component is quality delivered in the program. Last but not least is responsiveness or level of engagement by the respondents.

I believe in the theory that transformation should start from within before it is transferred to external environment. I am a teen that worked with T mobile, boost mobile and I repair any IT device. Please acknowledge my experience as well my down to earth way to an essay for a chance for a D-R-E-A-M Academy scholarship. I know how to write my essay. My life is fast. Just as well let me share the years I have trained myself to uphold integrity all that I endeavor to do. If I make a promise or a pledge I must fulfill it. Consequently, I have managed to earn the trust of many people in my community both young and old as I grew up here and I saw them grow old, me too. The influence I have on those people and the fact that some look up to me the (new high school freshman) give me no option but to fulfill their expectations. This is but one of the many reasons why I have the strong urge to help people in my community by restoring fidelity, Developing Wisdom through the elders.

So far, with the little resources and leadership opportunities that I have been given, I would say my foundation of the kind of society I visualize. With more support from like-minded people, who can lead me as a young adult and teach me to develop wisdom. For me, it is the wise thing to do if development is to occur; yet the time to bring the change is now before the young generation are consumed with the vice of corruption. I would explain in short My Essay to you I want a brotherhood, no I am not military, but my grades in school are far beyond my peers as one would say please consider me.


Mihalic, S. (2004). The importance of implementation fidelity. Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Youth, 4(4), 83-105.

Don’t Forget to Sign Cover Page! (Application Form)