Lambda Scholarship Guidelines

All high school students are encouraged to participate in the essay contest. The student’s essay must be his own work. The student must construct the essay using the attached rubric and scoring guidelines and submit the essay to the local KLC Chapter or Region. Detachment/Chapter/Region Executive Committee members will select one winner and one runner-up for each detachment/chapter/region. The Chapter will evaluate and select the top two essays, using the enclosed rubric, and submit the essays to the D.R.E.A.M committee for final approval. Detachments /Chapters/Regions will award checks to winners valued at $500, $750, or $1000.

Scholarship Levels

National: 3 Objectives Scholarship Essay (700 - 750 Words)

Regional: 2 District Essay (400 -500 Words)

Chapters: Individual Chapter Essay (300 - 400 Words)

Detachment: Individual Detachment Essay (300 - 400 Words)

Essay Guidance

The length of the essay will be related to the level of scholarship of the contestant, excluding cover page (regarding word count). The cover page is the contestant’s application form. Pages within the essay must be formatted correctly, using the layout information below, including the cover page. The section labeled "Chapters" provides details to which contestants must adhere.

Essay Theme

Related to contestant (applicant) submission.


  1. Format: AP
  2. Font type: Times New Roman
  3. Font size: 12.
  4. Spacing: Double.
  5. Margins: 1 inch on all sides.
  6. Cover page (applicant's scholarship form) will identify:
    1. First and last name.
    2. Home address (street, city, state, and zip code)
    3. High school name
    4. High school address (street, city, state, and zip code)
    5. Guidance Counselor name, phone number, and email address
    6. Ensure all the information requested on the scholarship application form is completed before submission.

WINNER 2018 "What does Freedom Mean to Me"

Name: Stanley A. Boafo

Hometown: Africa

High School: Alfred Ely Beach

Prospective College: Augusta University

WINNER 2018 "What does Freedom Mean to Me"

Name: Carlos D, Smith Jr.

Hometown: Atlanta

High School: Academy of Richmond

Prospective College: SC State


Name: Mr. Patrick Underwood

Hometown: Atlanta

High School: Liberty County

Prospective College: East Caroline State


Name: Mr. Aryan J. Edwards

Hometown: Atlanta

High School: Russell County

Prospective College: University of Alabama


Name: Mr. Christian Merritt

Hometown: Atlanta

High School: Harris County

Prospective College: University of West Georgia

The Three Founders and Directors of Mentorship and Mentoring discuss 2020 scholarship awards and incentives at the National Convention.