Mission Statement

Through the power of mentorship, we prepare the young men of today to become the strong leaders of tomorrow.

Vision Statement

As a nonprofit and fraternal organization with independent programs, Lambda D-R-E-A-M provides mentorship to worldwide communities through our philanthropy workforce of brotherhood consisting of active duty and veteran members. Our role is to advocate and elevate a robust mentorship program accessible to local communities with a programmatic emphasis on promoting education, professional mentoring of youth, and exploration of career opportunities.

History of D-R-E-A-M

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2013 in Clinton, North Carolina, by three grassroots community activists: Sir Zachary Wyatt II, William C. Dickey, and James K. Jackson. Wyatt, Dickey, and Jackson were brought together by a common belief that many youths in their communities lacked meaningful academic and career guidance. Determined to make a difference, they convened a series of fraternity meetings, attended by more than 100 fraternity leaders who were concerned parents. With initial financial commitments from fraternity members and local businesses, Wyatt, Dickey, and Jackson founded Kappa Lambda Chi's Mentoring Program under the umbrella of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc., nonprofit IRS 501(c)3 corporation. Since opening its doors, Lambda D‑R-E-A-M has forged strong partnerships with the local business community, media, school districts, and other youth-serving organizations in the community. Honorable Presidents Tyrone Cave and Everett Mays appointed staff members who continue to carry out the Kappa Lambda Chi vision while expanding the scope of the program and its services. Kappa Lambda Chi currently operates tutoring programs and career exploration resource centers at several local schools and manages a community-based after-school drop-in program. Since its inception, Kappa Lambda Chi has served more than 400 youth and is currently expanding its scope of services to include the Lambda D-R-E-A-M mentorship program for youth ages 10–21.




Sir Zachary Wyatt II

"Wild Bill"

William C. Dickey

"Black Jack"

James K. Jackson

Board of Trustees

Everett M. Mays is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc.’s and Board of Trustees of Lambda D-R-E-A-M (Developing Resourceful Exceptional Able Men) mentorship program. A former Navy Command Master Chief (Surface Warfare/Aviation Warfare), Mays is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and now resides in Temecula, California. He served more than 30 honorable years in the U.S. Navy, including deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and various other countries.

During his military tenure, Everett completed seven shore assignments and ten arduous sea assignments as an engineer. He graduated from the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (Class 130-Khaki) and was selected for the Command Master Chief Program, completed CMC/COB course (Class 67), and was assigned to the USS Bunker Hill (CG 52). After his successful tour, he retired in September 2014 and joined Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc., National Line ZETA, CENTURION GUARDIANS, line number “SIXTEEN.” He was the third national president of this exceptional gentlemen’s organization and was given the name “Mentor.”

As Honorable President Mentor, Everett flawlessly led and managed the accomplishments of fraternal business operations. These responsibilities consisted of setting policies and strategic decision making to promulgate the vision and mission of the fraternity's future existence.

A decorated retired veteran, his personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Six Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, Four Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and various unit and campaign awards. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. His aspiration to establish an active mentorship program for young men and fraternity members has been instrumental in the development of the goals and objectives listed in the mission and vision statement.

Board of Trustees

Tyrone Maurice Cave is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Kappa Lambda Chi Military, Incorporated, and as Chairman of the Board for the LAMBDA D-R-E-A-M. He comes from humble beginnings. Originally from Washington DC, in 1992 Tyrone was the first champion to win a martial arts title in 2 consecutive years in two weight classes, finishing the tournament season undefeated.

Tyrone earned a baseball scholarship to Morris College in Sumter, South Carolina, in 1992. He led the Morris College Hornets to two division championships and earned the Best Defensive Player award in 1994. Tyrone graduated from Morris College with honors in 1996 and enlisted in the United States Navy. In 1997 he reported for duty onboard the USS Normandy as a deck seaman and worked his way to Senior Operations Specialist and Watch Supervisor for the Combat Information Center (CIC) by 2000. Tyrone has earned several awards in CIC, attributable to his swift thinking and professional poise while coaching new sailors. He also held the title of Search and Rescue Swimmer and conducted rescue operations. In 2002, Tyrone transferred from the USS Normandy (sea duty) to Norfolk Naval Brigade as a Corrections Specialist and Counselor. He left the Navy in 2004. In 2009 he put his counseling talents to work as a Mental Health Counselor. In 2011 he returned to Norfolk State University, completing his Master’s degree in counseling in 2013.

Tyrone joined the fraternity in November 2013, National Line Alpha, his line number was "FIVE" and given the name “APOLLO.” He was the second national president of this exceptional gentlemen’s organization. He served as the first Vice President of Alpha Chapter located in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Honorable Apollo achieves all of his goals, from personal to fraternal.

Tyrone is certified by the Virginia Board of Counseling, the Virginia Certification Board. the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium for Substance Abuse Counseling, and International Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counseling. He is presently working as a Corrections Case Manager at Dick Conner Correctional Center. He is a member of the American School Counselor Association and the Virginia School Counselors Association. He earned national titles with the International Karate Federation (IKF) in 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015, and is a member of the Martial Arts Fighters Council of Virginia. Tyrone is an active 33rd-degree Scottish Rite Mason and has held leadership offices on several levels. He is a member of the Norfolk Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Inc.


1. Scholarship: Awards and Grants

2. Mentorship: Youth Programs

3. Mentoring: KLC Members Only


Scholarship Goals

1. Construct a range of scholarship programs (Youth, Members, Family Members).

2. Deliver national scholarships named for founders.

3. Deliver regional scholarships named for Regions.

4. Deliver chapter scholarships named from the annual theme.

5. Establish fundraising, yearly scholarship drives, grants, and partnerships with companies.

6. Launch JROTC integrative package.

7. Generate community awareness of Lambda D-R-E-A-M.

Mentorship Goals

1. Develop a robust youth mentorship program with practical applications.

2. Increase reading and comprehension levels in students in our communities by donating books to pre-K and elementary students, establishing book clubs to engage males in reading, and developing tutor programs.

3. Assist organizations that foster stronger families and communities by working with men to be better fathers and positive role models.

4. Improve high school graduation rates for males.

5. Lambda D-R-E-A-M will NOT act as any recruitment tool for any Armed Forces career paths.

6. Provide assistance to students to meet their chosen career paths.

7. Build and maintain a committee for acknowledging student achievement in their career paths at some point in the school term.

8. Assist with implementing the JROTC program training and mentorship integration package with the KLC mentor program.

Mentoring Goals

1. Continuous personal and professional development of fraternal members.

2. Career development counseling.

3. Exceptional Gentlemen awareness and actions.

4. Match KLC mentors and KLC mentees based on mentee’s stated goal and mentor’s expertise.

5. Search for sponsorship and financial allocations.

6. Generate a pool of mentors for the Lambda D-R-E-A-M initiative.

7. Assist youth mentorship programs with NCSI (National Center Safety Initiatives). background checks for fraternal mentors.

Military JROTC Programs

Goals 1:

  • Assist in decisions about part-time or full-time college or university enrollment

  • Assist with resume writing for full-time and part-time work

  • Assist with online applications and workforce development

  • Explain military entrance requirements (if necessary, not mandatory)

Goals 2:

  • Teach the differences among scholarships, grants, and loans

  • Explain online learning versus campus learning

  • Provide access to state and federal forms (online)

  • Assist in planning quarterly costs of tuition/books with a budget approach

Goal 3:

  • Assist all JROTC students in search of scholarships and college funding

  • Provide scholarship awards to JROTC and local communities targeting young men ages 10-18 who participate in Annual Youth Community Lambda D.R.E.A.M projects on "Giving Back to Community"

Goal 4:

  • Illustrate the benefits of volunteering to be presented on a resume for employment

  • Identify the benefits of assets and resources and how to use them as an advantage

  • Show the importance of mentoring others as part of the Lambda D-R-E-A-M Alumni network

  • Demonstrate how to apply for federal jobs after high school

  • Provide workforce development tools for identifying acquired skills

  • Share and listen to thoughts about politics, economy, and health for increased understanding

Quick Links

Contact us: lambdadreamquestions@militaryfraternity.org

KLC website: https://militaryfraternity.com/