Recruitment Techniques

  • We reach out and partner with a local elementary and high school.
  • Set up a convenient day and time to visit the school, and platform our Lambda D-R-E-A-M program to students and faculty during the school day.
  • Be proactive, during our D-R-E-A-M presentation, circulate a sign up sheet for those students who are seriously interested with enrolling.
  • No more than 24 hrs after the school presentation, follow up with the parents/guardians of students with a personal introductory phone call.
  • Schedule an informational meeting for parents/students to attend. The informational meeting shall serve as a complete overview of our Lambda D-R-E-A-M program requirements, structured dynamics, initiatives, benefits, policies/procedures, etc. Parents and students MUST receive information simultaneously when enrolling with structured programming that reflects consistency. This is where we introduce any economic responsibilities with the program, enrollment fees, uniforms, fundraising, parent reinforcement support, etc.
  • Those students who attend informational overview and meet your requirements should be officially registered & accepted for enrollment.

Liability & Insurance


Prior to enrolling youth in the D-R-E-A-M program, background screenings on adults mentors will be conducted and documented through the security manager. The National Center For Safety Initiatives (NCSI) at (866) 883-7100 and/or; provides our background checks at a fee.

Each KLC mentor is required to comply with the background requirements to participate in the D-R-E-A-M mentorship program. After the security manager receives clearance on those professionals who are officially approved to serve as a youth mentor can only then physically interact with D-R-E-A-M youth program.

Insurance coverage:

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. has insurance coverage for all persons working with youth. This serves to avoid civil legal counsel in the event of a mishap. This will cover mentors with travel, local outings, and participation with overall activities

Academic Programs


Any child in the grade level of 5 and up. Must have the written consent of their parent or legal guardian. Must sign a copy of the Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. Lambda Leadership program contract.

Program Requirements

Must wear a Purple tie (provided by us) with a white shirt and khaki pants of their choice once a week. If the young man cannot afford a shirt and/or pants, we will do our best to work with the parent or legal guardian to accommodate this issue.

Must maintain a GPA of 2.9 or higher. If their grades are below this, they will be given one full semester to bring it up. If they do not bring their GPA up to standard, they will be put on probation for the following semester. During probation they will be excluded from all Lambda Leadership Program functions. Also during this probationary period, they will be required to attend mandatory tutoring set up by the Lambda Leadership

Program Activities

Dress for Success

How to interview

Banking/Budgeting 101: This is an introductory course on setting up a bank account and budgeting the their money.

Banking/Budgeting 201: Advanced course that will deal with getting into IRAs, mutual funds, and stock market portfolios.


Filling out college application



Cooking 101

Dealing with the opposite sex

Be mindful a strong focus and health concentration on excelling in today's world.


Social Service (Humanity Projects)


Social Justice (Equality for Mankind-Emphasis on Cultures)

Health Fitness and Wellness/Culinary/Athletics

Youth Camps

Youth Camps

This will be an educational trip. Leadership development classes will be taught from Monday until Thursday. On Thursday they will be required to test out before being allowed to have fun. Also during the week, we will plan trips to the local museum, aquarium, and any other cultural building opportunities.

Youth Goals in Community

(1) Help increase reading and comprehension levels in all students in our communities by donating books to all pre-K and elementary students, establishing book clubs to engage males in reading, developing tutor programs.

(2) Assist in providing other organizations tools that foster stronger families and communities by working with men to be better fathers and positive role models.

(3) Improve high school graduation rate for males.

(4) Lambda D-R-E-A-M will NOT act as any recruitment tool to any Armed Forces career paths.

(5) Lambda D-R-E-A-M will provide student assistance for meeting their chosen career paths.

(6) Lambda D-R-E-A-M shall build and maintain a committee for acknowledging student achievement towards their career path at some point in the school term.


Philanthropy assisting to help our communities through the Lambda D-R-E-A-M Youth Mentorship Program!

Every year the Lambda D-R-E-A-M with KLC and its Chapters raise thousands of dollars for national and local philanthropies. With philanthropy being connected to our core values, giving back to those charities helps us achieve our fundamental goals of being a member of the Fraternity and community.


Students with 4.0 GPA

Students member of student council (leadership roles)

Students with significant proven community services hours

Students with high physical fit test scores

Students with no disciplinary actions (2 years)

Students awarded the youth exceptional gentlemen citation

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