We exercise our human capital with the local community through the power of mentorship; we prepare the young men of today to become the influential leaders of tomorrow. Lambda D-R-E-A-M represents a professional organization with a commitment to corporate social responsibility. In support of increasing society lack of mentorship programs that restrict young men from academic achievement and positive role models. Our groundwork consists of innovative communication skills and years of experience by mentors trained fulfilling an oath to country and community through a set of core values. The Lambda D-R-E-A-M Academy was developed in three phases and implemented as a robust mentorship program consisting of three values: (1) partnership, (2) integrity, and (3) perseverance.

  • Partnership – Creating and strengthening relationships with reasonable and reliable external stakeholders.
  • Integrity – Utilizing moral principles with our policies and procedures that engage and protect all of our stakeholders.
  • Perseverance – Educating and developing men to understand personal circumstances are not obstacles in achievement but rather challenges of professional conditions that maximize our initiative to achieve as exceptional men.

Exceptionally Respectful,

Dr. Wayne Marcus

“Respect yourself by making correct decisions and giving yourself an opportunity to succeed in life.”

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At the 2019 KLC National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Wayne Marcus, a member and leader of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Incorporated, received the “Light of Wisdom” award, one of the three fraternal founding principle objectives, during the onyx award ceremony. The light of wisdom recipient is recognized for incisive knowledge, fostering learning, and creative thinking through experiences with prominent expectations. First as Director of Mentoring in 2018, with flawless results, he was endorsed as Chief Executive Officer of the Lambda D-R-E-A-M (Developing Resourceful Exceptional Able Men) Academy in January 2019. D-R-E-A-M is a national nonprofit, independent 501(c)3 fraternal program that provides mentorship to worldwide communities through its philanthropic workforce of brotherhood of active duty and veteran members. He was the crucial inspirational player in implementing operational phases of the vision and mission of the Lambda D-R-E-A-M initiative, which is to advocate and elevate a robust mentorship program that is accessible to local communities, with a programmatic emphasis on promoting education, professional mentoring of youth, and encouraging a wide range of career opportunities.