Fundraising Birthday Month 2024 

Accepting Donations 

Lambda D-R-E-A-M is a community-based nonprofit 501(c)3 national program providing mentoring services to at-risk youth ages 10–21.  Lambda D-R-E-A-M has constructed policies and procedures that can be adapted in a school-based setting or community service program.  Lambda D-R-E-A-M is meant to inspire and motivate youth programs that need assistance from military veterans and active duty members’ community outreach programs where we are committed to philanthropic activities.    

Our program allows entities who are willing to work with our fraternity an overall sense of our organizational commitment to promoting the professional development of young men.  To comprehend how mentoring fits into the framework of professionalism, we foster skill sets that are valuable in challenging decision-making situations.  We create a safe and useful environment by training our staff and volunteers; we also generate marketing awareness through empowering the community with our proactive program characteristics, social promotional materials, and servant leadership.  We routinely allocate partial funding for grants and scholarships as one of many of the D-R-E-A-M initiatives.